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Built in coastal areas of the American South, these homes were designed for wet, hot climates.

Tidewater homes have large porches (or "galleries") sheltered by a broad roof.

The González-Alvarez House shown here is located in St. Founded in 1565 by the Spanish conquistador Pedro Menendez de Aviles, St. French colonists in the Mississippi Valley built houses especially suited to the hot, wet climate of their new home.

Augustine is the oldest European settlement in the U. Learn more: French Colonial Architecture The French colonists who settled in Louisiana and other parts of the Mississippi Valley borrowed ideas from the Caribbean and the West Indies to design homes for swampy, flood-prone lands.

Federalist architecture was the favored style in the United States from about 1780 until the 1830s.Later Dutch style buildings became known for their elaborately shaped gables, dormers, and parapets.Twentieth century Dutch Colonial Revival houses borrow the gambrel roof found on historic Dutch Colonial houses.This new Federal style became associated with America's evolving national identity.Graceful details distinguish Federal homes from the pragmatic Georgian Colonial style.In the newly formed United States, homes and public buildings also took on graceful airs.


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