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In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, titled "Rock the Boat," Sheree finds herself settling into the next phase of her life with a new man, despite the fact that he still has years left inside prison. His father, Akop Manoukian, is a profession ice show skater doing acrobatics. According to Lam, she and her colleagues are often followed by Mauritanian government operatives.Joshua Allen was the overall winner of the Season 4 competition.It is not the first time such high-profile activists have been arrested in a country with a history of detaining and intimidating anti-slavery campaigners.A handful of other cases have been brought to court and charged with lesser crimes, such as exploiting a minor or kidnapping, but not one of them has seen any jail time - which stands in stark contrast to some of the anti-slavery activists.

Comfort Ogheneruro Fedoke was born May 20, 1988, in Fort Worth, Texas and was raised in Lagos, Nigeria until she returned to the United States at age 8.

The Voice is in it's last week, and we're left with the final four vocalists.

Brooke Simpson, Addison Agen, Red Marlow, and Chloe Kohanski will all compete to for their shot at winning the overall competition.

The Once Upon a Time winter finale has left its characters with a difficult decision.

We finally learned who cast the curse and how: Drizella worked with Gothel and her coven to cast a curse that even heroes cannot escape.


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