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PHOTOS: Hollywood's hottest married couples Prior to his big day, Stork tweeted on June 20, "My days as a "Bachelor" are nearing an end! “The next thing you know, I’m literally in Paris as the Bachelor,” says Stork.” What I didn’t expect was coming back and then feeling like I then had to justify all the hard work I put in.

With three other physicians from different fields they discussed and give solution to the problem to the audience about pediatrics, plastic surgery and obstetrics., the daytime talk show that features Stork and other medical professionals giving expert advice and answering audience questions.However, 10 years ago, Stork was looking for love in the City of Light as the star of “I went to dinner with my ER colleagues and a person came up to me from The Bachelor and hung out with our group of ER friends and was buying beverages,” the 43-year-old emergency physician recalls.Because I worked really hard in med school and residency.I worked hard, and my record speaks for itself.” Stork’s season saw him chose teacher Sarah Stone, but the relationship had fizzled by the time the season finale had aired. Charlotte Brown in 2012 and the pair divorced in spring 2015.Travis completed his graduation in magna cum laude from Duke University and earned his medical degree with honors from the University of Virginia.


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