Aum atichart aff taksaorn are dating

Love at first sight, but the mom hates her cause she's poor. She goes to live in a Jao Por's place who wants her as his mia-noy and Aum sees her and misunderstands. Aum is forced to marry Kae-Kai who claims that she is pregnant with his kid.

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Pawan couldn't refuse her when she asked him to give her a ride everyday or went out with him because he thought that she was his friend's daughter.Later, his father was shot to death by his lover's husband. However, he had a crush on Thuma or Bo (Aff), an interior designer in his company.When he knew that she was a married woman, he tried to stay away from her, but he couldn't resist her charming.Aum and her meet again but Aum is still mad at her thinking she cheated on him. If you get it from someone/some site/somewhere MAKE SURE YOU GIVE CREDIT. If someone else want to give another review just write it under the other synopsis.Bella goes back to the forest to try to prove her innocence. Name: Atichart Chumnanont Nickname: Aum or Umm Profession: Model/Actor Date of birth: February 20, 1981 Birthplace: Bangkok Height: 178 cm. Marital Status: Dating Nat Myria Benedetti Hobbies: Football, Jet Ski, surfing, swimming Eduction: Faculty of Political Science, Ramkhamhaeng University The second child of 3 children. • First breaktrhough role was in Tarn Chai Nai Sai Moug, Thai TV3 boardcasting.


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