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The ag economy is cyclical, as everyone knows, and operating a dealership through the trough period of the cycle isn’t a new challenge.But for the younger generation of dealer management, it’s not a challenge they’ve faced until now.

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"So it can have within an inch of accuracy, where that tractor is positioned in the field," Mark says with amazement.

century, the agricultural machinery industry was a highly specialized, highly consolidated global market worth billion a year. Soil tests can tell the farmer how much moisture or nutrients are already present in that plot. Then the farmer can program a variable rate applicator to put down the exact amount of the specific chemical or water that's needed.

Ag equipment manufacturing has become a concentrated industry because the number of farmers worldwide continues to decline, while the value of their commodities and the workload of each individual farmer increases. At harvest, the same system can plot the outcome, almost to the level of bushels per square foot.

He thinks something is lost in the modern technology. "When you're working that way, and you're in the fields by hand, even a small plot, you learn pretty quickly the differences between this corn of the field and this corner of the field over here.

And it's a thing you learn just by walking over it.


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