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(See Extended Warranty)Getting started with card rewards -- If you're looking to up your credit card rewards game, there are some sites that can give you the best information to boost your rewards quickly ...

(See Getting started with rewards)Is a Disney credit card worthwhile?

(See Rewards)Using rewards on discount airlines -- If you want to score a cheap ticket on a discount airline, you may find it hard to use reward points unless you have a credit card that refunds for any travel expense ...

(See Rewards)The direct route to a Southwest companion pass -- The Southwest airline companion pass allows you to bring along a companion for free for up to two calendar years, but the 110,000 points needed can be daunting.

You might be surprised to learn that you don’t actually have to run a full-time incorporated business to be approved. (See Business cards)What is the best rewards card to pair with Delta Sky Miles airline card?

-- Factors to consider when adding any rewards card include how much you spend, where you spend and what kind of rewards you prefer. (See Rewards card to pair with airline card)Is it time to ditch the Virgin America credit card?

(See Amazon)How to save reward points on American Airlines flights -- If you have American Airlines points, you might be better off using them on another airline to conserve your rewards ...

(See Credit monitoring)Should you get a store card after retailer files for bankruptcy? (See Toys R Us credit card)Earning points when renting a car -- As points and miles programs have evolved, there are a number of different ways to earn rewards from car rentals. (See Renting a car)Big financial moves can add up to big rewards -- If you're looking to buy or sell a house or refinance, don't miss out on the thousands of points you could earn just by going with a bank offering a big promotion ...

-- When a retailer like Toys R Us files for bankruptcy, it's often business as usual as the chain reorganizes. (See Rewards for mortgages, refis)New i Phone X's facial recognition makes Apple Pay cooler -- If you're using your phone to make purchases, i Phone X should make the process easier and safer with the new facial recognition technology ...

(See Rewards)Scoring a great rewards card from your existing bank -- If you're looking for a new rewards card, you might want to stay close to home as more banks are offering great deals to keep customers on board ...

(See Rewards)Options for business cash back cards -- If you're signing up for a business cash back card, you have a lot of options.


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