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While it is perfectly safe during the day, you will most likely encounter a rude(ish) driver who will do everything in his power to convince you that the meter is not working and try to rip you off by quoting a ridiculous price.To avoid this, use the Pick Me app, which is easy for English-only speaking travellers since it involves little to no verbal communication.In Sri Lanka, tuk tuks roaming the streets is as common as mosquitoes and temperatures over twenty-five degrees.A lot of the tuk tuks patrolling the streets are privately owned, unregulated vehicles, and you’ll do yourself a favour by not getting into one of those.Alternately, you could even call for a tuk tuk via Fair Taxi, Budget Taxi or Online Cabs.Most Sri Lankan women prefer to take a Mini or a car after dark, but a tuk tuk attached to a well-known company is fine as well.

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Sri Lanka is by no means a dangerous country to visit as a woman ‒ for that matter, it is not even on the 2015 International Women’s Travel Centre’s list of ‘So if you are reading this list and want to come here, or already have a trip planned – that is awesome!They are known to be pushy in an aggressive way and don’t have or use meters.No matter how tired you are, call a company tuk tuk to come pick you up, because it will save you a lot of trouble.In Sri Lanka it will not ensure that men back off in their advances, but it will lessen the quota of men trying.Casually mentioning a boyfriend or husband waiting for you at your hotel or apartment will have the same effect.Some might even try to take photos of you without your consent.


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