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Our latest templates are on the cutting edge of web design and technology and include amazing features like homepage intro slideshow animations powered by j Query, interesting page transitions, easy-to-use content management systems for quick updates and revisions, drop down menus, photo galleries, custom fonts, full screen background images, contact us forms, google maps, social networking icons, rollover effects, photo galleries and more!

Once you’ve purchased Ska Date dating software you get several free social networking and dating templates to play around with.

Plates is a native PHP template system that’s fast, easy to use and easy to extend.

It’s inspired by the excellent Twig template engine and strives to bring modern template language functionality to native PHP templates.

Dating website templates are composed for online dating and matching projects.

This is a beautiful dating website theme which starts with a big banner and has menu bar on top.

It is followed by a welcome message, sections for special features of the site and latest profiles.

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